Friday, May 3, 2013

a must read - letter from 6 y/o girl

I hope you are in a very good state of health and I hope you have , uhmmm , high iman
i wanna tell you , dont ever sad because Allah is with you
This life is not worth of being sad , so you should always smile
even though sometimes you feel upset

i also feel upset a lot of times because i really just want to go home to jannah
and i wanna listen to and read Quran all the day
if you ever feel sad , you should just go do sujood and you should remember that you are from the muslim ummah
that means that everyone is making dua for you , including me ,
so just keep your head high
and be strong , because after hardship is ease

just like Allah promised in the Quran , when you feel sad ,remember this life is just a test ,
and soon it will be over and you will be happy forever in jannah (inshaa Allah)
you wont be sad, and when you get sweat , it comes out as perfume on you
Everything that is meant to happen to you , Allah wanted it to happen to you ,
so be happy for that , dont be sad

you're a muslim , and Allah loves you , so loves Him back
when you go to jannah(inshaaAllah) you wont even remember these time

when something bad happen to you
or you get hurt , Allah will take you bad sins away

sometimes Allah tests us with hardship but Allah test the people that he loves ,
so , He loves you , I love you too,


keep moving

this is a part of my responsibility

assalamualaikum mhq.

Currently , i am in process completing task publishing a book that basically discussing about rukshah solat and tayamum .

so , after I made a 'tour' to Hospital Ampang , think there is something wrong and need to be changed . i got idea of my dream hospital .

insyaAllah . i want a islamic hospital that have all these :

1) every moring before taking breakfast , patients will be given Honey and Habatussauda' with Air Zam zam
2) patients that have ability to walk and not in severe condition need to attend some religious classes .
3) azan will be heard through the speaker all part of hospital
4) all the time ayat ayat Al-Quran will be played , so there is no time in hospital that will be silent
5) instead of patient lying down on bed and doing nothing , there is tazkirah that will be heard through speaker in hospital
6) trained nurses required to help to do ablution for patients and teach patient how to solat whether in the condition of sitting or lying .

so , hospital juga boleh menjadi salah satu tempat untuk tarbiah rohani , right ?

Sebab ape ?
Sebab apabila seseorang itu ditimpa musibah , sakit misalnya ,  membuatkan kita makin nak sebut nama Allah ,  hilang rasa ego walaupun masa sihat dia lah tampak paling hebat , lebih berkasih sayang dan lebih lembut hati . So basically , in this time , naturally human being lebih bersedia menerima teguran , dan didikan , lebih lebih lagi didikan untuk jiwa .

And I think it is such a big waste of time people that people staying in hospital without doing nothing , lying while every second that Allah has give to us is too precious and one of the amanah and we will be accountable in the Day of Judgement . They are  hoping  miracles happen to them without finding way how to improve themselves.

"Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesebuah kaum itu , melainkan mereka mengubah nasibnya sendiri "

to all doctors :

"Sometimes we are busy treating patient physically , finding such such medication , at the same time we often forget that we and our patient are going to meet our Lord . So , treating spiritual is another vital thing and should get along in our career . " 

How to do that ?
Ubati rohani kita dahulu sebelum ubati pesakit .
(saya bercakap untuk diri saya yang banyak dosa ini )

and do you notice that ,
"every word spoken by a doctor , people always listen and pay 100% attention to what you are going to tell them , so why don't we use that  'privilage' to spread dakwah ? "

Personally , i do listen to a doctor very carefully .

So , as a summary :
untuk melakukan perubahan , siapa lagi kalau bukan kita yang memulakan ?
bila lagi kalau bukan sekarang ?

Insya Allah . Insya Allah . Insya Allah .
start improving ourselves .
semua ni nasihat untuk diri saya sendiri ,
love , assalamualaikum .

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

this is for my journal

Okay. Assalamualaikum my heart qoutes .

okay tonight, i would like to update about my favourite color . Hah ? macam tajuk sekolah rendah aann . act, i need to write my journal based on that topic lah. so, 2 in 1 , i write it here too.

so, my favourite color issssssssssss RED and BLACK .
why ?

From the researcher that study on colour , RED got characteristic like warmth , excitement , full of energy , passion , desire , power , love , strength and competition. and in contrast to that , red is a symbolic of shame , fire , blood , bloodshed , danger , stop , speed , war and aggression .

And i would some more , red is showing care , romantic, prosperity,  as well as gold .

yeah , i love RED because it is an ATTRACTIVE COLOR that i usually tried to get into my outfit whether i choose it to be on my blouse , head scarf , shoes or my palazo . Haaa , another thing that i want you guys to know is that try to put on palazo instead of your jeans when you are going outside because it looser , comfortable and another thing following our syariah rule . indeed , it is the 'in' thing right now .
please dont be a fashion victim because i used to see, people that are too obsess with fashion and trend until there are fat women that wearing peplum, isn't it weird ? put islam before fashion .

when you are going outside your home, no matter where you going to go , please look at the mirror and ask yourself , is my deen allows me to wear like this ? always remember that to put Islam before anything.

back to my favourite color. i got red college bag , red phone casing , red painted room , red bantal busuk and most of my t-shirt , blouse , skirts are in red in different design. by wearing red , i feel more confident , being attractive and show glamorous .

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't delay !

Today was a one of the best moment in life .

Bureau of Multimedia of Medical Student Club instructed us to publish a book , that basically discussing about solat in inability , or simply said , Rukhsah Solat or Solat ketika sakit , so we’ve made a decision that we are going to interview some future doctors (clinical year students) and if there is an opportunity we want to meet patient to ask them , what are the common problem that they are usually face when it comes to solat , so, here we go !

Ampang Hospital .

This hospital already gave me a lesson about life and death .

I miss my abah very much .

So , I headed to HA after Halaqah class . I arrived there and wondered how to start and where to start , it was awkward moment that we walk around the ward and try to spot some patient that really suitable to be interviewed .

Luckily , we met 6th year sister that accidentally walked around , then , she told us about how to talk to patient , and how to slowly come into their personal information , and for sure at the same time , hurt nobody .

Then , that sister told us to meet some of the 4th year students , that posting on that 6C ward . so, we met them , and had chat with them about this issue .

Therefore , basically , what we can conclude is that , patients are not praying because of their hygiene  . they think that they are dirty all the time , and do not know how to perform solat in abnormal way that already taught in our religion, so they decided to qada’ (replace) their solat once they get better.

“ Why they really sure that they are still live at that time ?,” 

“ Who guaranteed you , that will arrive at that moment ? ,”

i wondered at the same time .

One of the lesson I’ve learned in my life is that don’t you ever delay in doing the good deeds , because you can not assure yourself got that opportunity again in other time , and you can not assure how long do you will live in this world .

All that are fate . Already wrote up there .

But the most patients are ignoring about solat . 
Sad to say but it is a reality . reality . reality .
 we need to change it , it is couldnt be long .

Then , we had a walk around orthopedic , obstetric and pediatric ward .
I feel really peaceful when I saw the newborn babies and the infants .

I am really hope that I will be a pediatrician .
One day , in sya Allah.

I am really hope that we can accomplish this mission successfully .
When it come to prayer , there is no excuses . Supposed to be .

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Assalamualaikum , greeting to all ,
Haha . currently entering semester 2 on last 2 week .
well , for sure kena harus mesti wajib ada semangat baru !
semangat utk mnjadi lebih baik .
Semoga Allah meredhai setiap ilmu yg saya beroleh .

Semalam we got quranic class , and ustaz shared how to be a better mukmin, calm heart and be blessed . apa kata ustaz ,

cuba kita para ustaz , muka mereka sentiasa tenang , knape ?
still ade masalah , tp masih boleh sentiasa senyum .
kerana mereka tenang hidup mnjaga urusan dgn Allah
sememangnya Allah memberi jalan keluar pd setiap permasalahan mereka .

on the spot rase terlalu kerdil . Allah pndg ke amalan saya yg selalu tak sempurna tu.

1) memperbanyakkn bangun malam rujuk surah Al Muzammil ayt 6

2) solat dhuha

3) bykkn berristighfar
4) berselawat 10 pg and 10 petang
5) bersedekah

Monday, January 28, 2013

Konvensyen .

Assalamualaikum .

Alhamdulillah . Allah had wrote in the Luh Mahfuz that i'm going to be here , Konvensyen Fiqh wanita dan Islam , with a few of my lovely friends .Allah gaves us an opportunity to gain knowledge from the awesome speaker with their awesome imaan , that are Prof Dr Muhaya , Dr Zahazan , Dr Zaharuddin , Ustazah Norhafizah , and to name a few .

and what actually make me really feel touched is that , saya dipertemukan dengan wanita wanita solehah , walaupun tidak sempat pon berkenalan di antara mereka , tetapi melihat wajah dan gaya tutup aurat yang sopan dan manis , membuatkan hati ni rasa sungguh tenang . Dan dalam masa yang sama rasa macam nak ikut seperti mereka . insyaAllah Ameen . semoga Allah anugerahkan hidayah yang sangat bernilai itu .

Setiap hari saya berdoa semoga Allah meletakkan hamba Mu yang hina ni di kalangan hambaNya yang soleh dan solehah . Yang sama sama bermujahadah mempertahankan syiar Mu .

perasaan apabila berada di jalan TAR

Semakin ramai wanita wanita tidak menutup aurat dengan sempurna , tidak seperti diwajibkan di dalam Islam iaitu aurat adalah keseluruhan badan kecuali muka dan tapak tangan . Dan labuhkan lah tudung itu melepasi paras dada . Rata rata lebih menjunjung fesyen lebih daripada menjunjung syariat Islam . Nauzubillah . jadilah hamba Allah dan bukannya mangsa fesyen , my dear girls . benarlah sabda Rasulullah SAW, bahawa " Islam itu hadir dalam keadaan asing , dan akan berakhir dalam keadaan asing juga , maka beruntunglah mereka yang asing itu ".

perasaan apabila berada di konvensyen 

SubhanaAllah . rasa ingin terus berada kat sini . rasa ingin sentiasa di dampingi dengan orang yang sentiasa dekat dengan Allah , rasa tenang dan selamat . rasa terus dilimpahi dengan rahmatNya . Subhanallah , perasaan yg jarang jarang dapat . semoga terus dapat peluang , kerana  "kita akan  berada di akhirat kelak bersama orang orang yang kita cintai di dunia ini."

may Allah guides us on the straight path . Ameen .

so , sedikit perkongsian yg dapat di kongsi :

Dr. Zaharuddin  - "Wanita Solehah Pendamai Dunia "

Wanita zaman Jahiliah moden :

1) Wanita sebagai bahan pelaris product - misalnya macam mostly company kereta , mereka akan meletakkan model model wanita sebagai penarik perhatian . Mereka merasakan itu satu kebanggaan , tapi sebenarnya satu penghinaan . totally !

2)  Cantikkan diri untuk tatapan dunia - untuk dipertontonkan kepada awam :  Facebook , Twitter , Instagram etc .

3)  Feminin dan gedik tak bertempat

4)  Hamba kepada fashion - misalnya , now , trend baju peplum an , so segelintir wanita walaupun exactly memang tak sesuai langsung dengan potongan badan die , still nak pakai sbb dah jadi hamba fashion !

5) Wrong mindset - sanggup melepaskan tanggungjawab sebagai ibu dan isteri untuk bekerja sebab takut bercerai , dah ade security , duit sendiri bla . memang kahwin untuk bercerai ke ?

6) Priority Keluarga dulu - telah diabaikan

Cara-cara untuk mendapatkan jodoh yang baik :

  1. Bertakwa kepada Allah
  2. Jangan promosi diri
  3. Cari yang dekat
  4. Bangun malam dan solat tahajjud
  5. Doa kepada diri sendiri
  6. Jangan meminta kepada manusia

Prof Dr Muhaya 

  • Sentiasa berada dalam zon Allah
  • kita hanya nampak apa yang kita fokus : fokus menghasilkan emosi - so fokus pada positif then akan menghasilkan emosi yg positif
  • Perkahwinan untuk membawa kebahagian
  • Ingat tujuan kita di ciptakan - Hamba Allah , Khalifah Allah , mengimarahkan bumi ikut hukum Allah .
  • Tamak 2 perkara dalam hidup : Ilmu dan pengampunan Allah
  • Cari syurga akhirat - syurga dunia pasti dapat .
  • Sesiapa yang tak yakin diri - tidak yakin pada Allah .
  • Kita semua adalah juara sbb sperma dari ayah 1: 300,000,000 . Huh , hebat !
  • 5  princip buat setiap hari : 
  1. Kasih sayang
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Abundance - pemurah !
  4. Spiritual awareness
  5. Ketenangan jiwa .

  • Ibu bapa should : puji anak , express love kepada anak , marah anak pada attitude die bukan dirinya . 
  • Forgive and forget .

Di masjid UPM 

Perjumpaan wanita wanita solehah


Ustazah Norhafizah Musa - menjawab salah faham kesaksamaan gender

  • Khazanah dan harta yang baik di dunia ialah wanita solehah iaitu apabila kamu melihat kepada nya , hati menjadi tenang .
  • Wanita - menjadi sebatang pohon tauhid : yang kukuh akarnya , dahannya menjulang langit , menghasilkan buah buahan yang manis ( anak anak ) - wanita sentiasa memberi kebaikan kepada suami dan anak anak .
  • Masalah sosial sekarang - menunjukkan ketandusan kewibawaan SUAMI dalam memimpin keluarga 
Ustaz Hasrizal - srikandi Islam

  • Peperangan
  1. Umm 'Ammarah - Uhud
  2. Safiyyah - Al Ahzab
  3. Ummu Salim - Al Hunain
  4. Asma' bin Abu Bakar , Ummu Abban , Ummu Hakeem , Khawlah , Juwairiah - al Yarmouk
  • Dakwah
  1. Fatimah Al Khattab
  2. Aisyah
  3. Ummu Salim
  4. Ummu Waraqah
  5. Saidah bin Qamamah
  • Politik
  1. Aisyah
  2. Syifa' Abdullah
  • Surah Al-Ahzab : 33 - melarang wanita tabarruj 
  • Jangan keluar rumah dengan syarat untuk bertabarruj - amalan jahiliyyah