Friday, July 17, 2009

take 5!

1.the latest things you buy with your own money?
- mini oxford dictionary

2.what is the most important things in your life?
-internet,handphone, all my memories stuff

3. in your dreams,where is your wedding going to be?
let me discuss first with my future husband.ahah. long the periods of the relationship between you and him(the lastest person)?
2 years.

5.are you in love??

6. the last restaurant you had been to?
mcdonalds jj from aksb.haha.

7.the last book you had read?
what my mother doesn’t know by sonny sonnet.

8.what is your full name??
nur sakinah bt hamzah

9.which one you more comfort to talk to,your mom or dad??
depends on my parents mood.but,both of them are oke. one person you’re wish to meet one day??
person that makes me feel the eternal happiness in my life

11.give 8 name of your beloved friends?.
fida,syiqin,dba,aj,zailyn,my classmates

12.are you wash your own clothes??
of course.ikut mood.thanx to the machine too.

13.your favourites place?

14.describes 5 character about yourself..
· kind
· generous
· easy to be sympathy to others.
· Sensitive
· Love quotes

15. 8 things that you are so crazy at?
I never feel for that stage.

16. who is the last person you had gave your sweet kiss?
my mom

17. 8 words you are say it often?
Bole laa
ee..tak suke arh..!
bole ape.
cube try test

18. the latest book you had?
physics, just for 40 minutes ago.

19.8 your favourites songs?

jangan kau lepas by alexa
dari hati by sixth sense
we will not g down by micheal heart
tinggal kenangan by caramel
tentang kita by peterpan
kembali pulang
taylor swift's

20. the last person you say I love you to?
my friends .

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