Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tamhidi is a beginning

Assalamualaikum. Greeting to all.
Hah ! Currently , spending time at home , reading Sebarkan CintaMu and Cinta High Class by Fatimah Syarha and Dr. Farhan Hadi  , and Cinta kerana Allah by Ustz Pahrol Mohd Joui during the daytime and tutor SPM after Isyak . I will finish reading all these three books within 3 weeks. yes ! i will try before taking my driving licence.

And i just want to talk about Tamhidi .
Tamhidi is a beginning of my  career pathway . 
Tamhidi is a beginning of  University life.
Tamhidi is a beginning of  our real life .
 We decide everything by our own. No compulsary thing like in school . We always choose to success or to fail . We choose to use time or to waste time. We choose to study or to chat . We choose to follow the good or follow the bad . We choose to attend the class or to escape the class . We choose good friend or bad friend.  We choose to pray or not to pray. We choose what to eat , and what to wear everyday . We choose to attend the musolla or stay at home. We choose to do the tutorials question or not . We choose how to use our money brilliantly . Yes, we decided by our own. Nobody's care. So, to live well or to live hell , it is in your hand , your choice !
Tamhidi is a beginning for me having boys classmate (they are weird, sometimes !)
Tamhidi is a beginning for me having my own temporary house and room and decided how to make it alive .
Tamhidi is a medium where i met the awesome peoples.

Tamhidi is a beginning i learnt the real life based on syariat Islam. I learnt to know myself as Allah's caliph. I learnt  how precious we are actually. I learnt that not all peoples as lucky as you are.
I learnt how hard I find in this life, there is always people than more burden than you. I learnt the life experience from the awesome people. I learnt how exciting to have a usrah . Everything that never exists in SBU (my beloved school) but exists here. I learnt that Allah is too kind to all His servant . I learnt that Allah is everything in my life. I learnt that true and pure love is by loving Allah.

Seriously, im really grateful for been in these Tamhidi programs in the Allah's bless. Well, Allah decide better than we did , right ?