Friday, May 3, 2013

a must read - letter from 6 y/o girl

I hope you are in a very good state of health and I hope you have , uhmmm , high iman
i wanna tell you , dont ever sad because Allah is with you
This life is not worth of being sad , so you should always smile
even though sometimes you feel upset

i also feel upset a lot of times because i really just want to go home to jannah
and i wanna listen to and read Quran all the day
if you ever feel sad , you should just go do sujood and you should remember that you are from the muslim ummah
that means that everyone is making dua for you , including me ,
so just keep your head high
and be strong , because after hardship is ease

just like Allah promised in the Quran , when you feel sad ,remember this life is just a test ,
and soon it will be over and you will be happy forever in jannah (inshaa Allah)
you wont be sad, and when you get sweat , it comes out as perfume on you
Everything that is meant to happen to you , Allah wanted it to happen to you ,
so be happy for that , dont be sad

you're a muslim , and Allah loves you , so loves Him back
when you go to jannah(inshaaAllah) you wont even remember these time

when something bad happen to you
or you get hurt , Allah will take you bad sins away

sometimes Allah tests us with hardship but Allah test the people that he loves ,
so , He loves you , I love you too,


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