Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't delay !

Today was a one of the best moment in life .

Bureau of Multimedia of Medical Student Club instructed us to publish a book , that basically discussing about solat in inability , or simply said , Rukhsah Solat or Solat ketika sakit , so we’ve made a decision that we are going to interview some future doctors (clinical year students) and if there is an opportunity we want to meet patient to ask them , what are the common problem that they are usually face when it comes to solat , so, here we go !

Ampang Hospital .

This hospital already gave me a lesson about life and death .

I miss my abah very much .

So , I headed to HA after Halaqah class . I arrived there and wondered how to start and where to start , it was awkward moment that we walk around the ward and try to spot some patient that really suitable to be interviewed .

Luckily , we met 6th year sister that accidentally walked around , then , she told us about how to talk to patient , and how to slowly come into their personal information , and for sure at the same time , hurt nobody .

Then , that sister told us to meet some of the 4th year students , that posting on that 6C ward . so, we met them , and had chat with them about this issue .

Therefore , basically , what we can conclude is that , patients are not praying because of their hygiene  . they think that they are dirty all the time , and do not know how to perform solat in abnormal way that already taught in our religion, so they decided to qada’ (replace) their solat once they get better.

“ Why they really sure that they are still live at that time ?,” 

“ Who guaranteed you , that will arrive at that moment ? ,”

i wondered at the same time .

One of the lesson I’ve learned in my life is that don’t you ever delay in doing the good deeds , because you can not assure yourself got that opportunity again in other time , and you can not assure how long do you will live in this world .

All that are fate . Already wrote up there .

But the most patients are ignoring about solat . 
Sad to say but it is a reality . reality . reality .
 we need to change it , it is couldnt be long .

Then , we had a walk around orthopedic , obstetric and pediatric ward .
I feel really peaceful when I saw the newborn babies and the infants .

I am really hope that I will be a pediatrician .
One day , in sya Allah.

I am really hope that we can accomplish this mission successfully .
When it come to prayer , there is no excuses . Supposed to be .

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