Wednesday, April 3, 2013

this is for my journal

Okay. Assalamualaikum my heart qoutes .

okay tonight, i would like to update about my favourite color . Hah ? macam tajuk sekolah rendah aann . act, i need to write my journal based on that topic lah. so, 2 in 1 , i write it here too.

so, my favourite color issssssssssss RED and BLACK .
why ?

From the researcher that study on colour , RED got characteristic like warmth , excitement , full of energy , passion , desire , power , love , strength and competition. and in contrast to that , red is a symbolic of shame , fire , blood , bloodshed , danger , stop , speed , war and aggression .

And i would some more , red is showing care , romantic, prosperity,  as well as gold .

yeah , i love RED because it is an ATTRACTIVE COLOR that i usually tried to get into my outfit whether i choose it to be on my blouse , head scarf , shoes or my palazo . Haaa , another thing that i want you guys to know is that try to put on palazo instead of your jeans when you are going outside because it looser , comfortable and another thing following our syariah rule . indeed , it is the 'in' thing right now .
please dont be a fashion victim because i used to see, people that are too obsess with fashion and trend until there are fat women that wearing peplum, isn't it weird ? put islam before fashion .

when you are going outside your home, no matter where you going to go , please look at the mirror and ask yourself , is my deen allows me to wear like this ? always remember that to put Islam before anything.

back to my favourite color. i got red college bag , red phone casing , red painted room , red bantal busuk and most of my t-shirt , blouse , skirts are in red in different design. by wearing red , i feel more confident , being attractive and show glamorous .

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