Friday, May 3, 2013

this is a part of my responsibility

assalamualaikum mhq.

Currently , i am in process completing task publishing a book that basically discussing about rukshah solat and tayamum .

so , after I made a 'tour' to Hospital Ampang , think there is something wrong and need to be changed . i got idea of my dream hospital .

insyaAllah . i want a islamic hospital that have all these :

1) every moring before taking breakfast , patients will be given Honey and Habatussauda' with Air Zam zam
2) patients that have ability to walk and not in severe condition need to attend some religious classes .
3) azan will be heard through the speaker all part of hospital
4) all the time ayat ayat Al-Quran will be played , so there is no time in hospital that will be silent
5) instead of patient lying down on bed and doing nothing , there is tazkirah that will be heard through speaker in hospital
6) trained nurses required to help to do ablution for patients and teach patient how to solat whether in the condition of sitting or lying .

so , hospital juga boleh menjadi salah satu tempat untuk tarbiah rohani , right ?

Sebab ape ?
Sebab apabila seseorang itu ditimpa musibah , sakit misalnya ,  membuatkan kita makin nak sebut nama Allah ,  hilang rasa ego walaupun masa sihat dia lah tampak paling hebat , lebih berkasih sayang dan lebih lembut hati . So basically , in this time , naturally human being lebih bersedia menerima teguran , dan didikan , lebih lebih lagi didikan untuk jiwa .

And I think it is such a big waste of time people that people staying in hospital without doing nothing , lying while every second that Allah has give to us is too precious and one of the amanah and we will be accountable in the Day of Judgement . They are  hoping  miracles happen to them without finding way how to improve themselves.

"Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesebuah kaum itu , melainkan mereka mengubah nasibnya sendiri "

to all doctors :

"Sometimes we are busy treating patient physically , finding such such medication , at the same time we often forget that we and our patient are going to meet our Lord . So , treating spiritual is another vital thing and should get along in our career . " 

How to do that ?
Ubati rohani kita dahulu sebelum ubati pesakit .
(saya bercakap untuk diri saya yang banyak dosa ini )

and do you notice that ,
"every word spoken by a doctor , people always listen and pay 100% attention to what you are going to tell them , so why don't we use that  'privilage' to spread dakwah ? "

Personally , i do listen to a doctor very carefully .

So , as a summary :
untuk melakukan perubahan , siapa lagi kalau bukan kita yang memulakan ?
bila lagi kalau bukan sekarang ?

Insya Allah . Insya Allah . Insya Allah .
start improving ourselves .
semua ni nasihat untuk diri saya sendiri ,
love , assalamualaikum .

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